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Santa Ana Home Inspection

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Building Specs Home Inspection Services

Our team has the knowledge and experience to give you an accurate assessment of the condition of your home. Each Santa Ana home inspection is based on a combination of formal education and real-world experience.

If you're looking for the best home inspection service in Santa Ana, you've come to the right place. Building Specs Home Inspection Service should be your first choice for home inspections. Building Specs has been providing Santa Ana with high-quality, safe inspections for many years. We are your one-stop shop for all of your  inspection needs. We provide drone roof inspections, thermal imaging, sewer inspections and mold inspections.

Santa Ana Home Inspection

The most common questions are: "Why can't you do my own inspection?" and "Do I need a home inspector?" We will help you gain a better understanding by answering these questions.

It is clear that buying a house will be one of your biggest investments. It will be hard to stay objective during this process. It is best to hire a home inspector for a home inspection. Building Specs Home Inspection Service is a good choice to provide accurate information about the condition of your home. Home inspections will reveal issues that can be minor or major. Building Specs is an expert in home construction, safety, and maintenance. To avoid costly repairs in the future, we will suggest preventative and repair measures. You can make informed decisions based on the report we provide. It is a large investment so you want to get as much information as possible before taking a final decision.


Santa Ana Home Inspectors: Unique Features We Are Different

Building Specs Home Inspection Service offers a complete-service inspection service to realtors, homebuyers, and home sellers. It is your one-stop shop for all of your inspection needs. Your satisfaction is our top priority. We want to provide you with the peace of mind you deserve. Building Specs understands the uniqueness of every property. Our inspections are different from one house to the next. Our home inspections take approximately 2 hours and 30 mins, while other services take around 1 hour. We will inspect the property thoroughly. We will email you a written report as soon as possible.

The administrative and financial hub of Orange County is Santa Ana. It is a sizable city as well. With so many things to do, Santa Ana is a terrific place to call home. If you are considering buying a home in Santa Ana or already reside there, Building Specs is the company you should get in touch with. Home inspections are highly serious business for Building Specs Home Inspection Service. Our staff of expert home inspectors is here to help you with the home inspection process and is highly qualified. We are more than happy to address any queries or worries you may have. Building Specs attends numerous home inspection training sessions to hone our abilities and learn important information. This makes us the best in the industry. Because of this, Building Specs is chosen above competing businesses. We have the resources and use cutting-edge technologies to help you. You can get help from Building Specs Home Inspection Service in any way you need. Building Specs crew received certification from InterNACHI, the biggest association of house inspectors. We make a significant investment in the most advanced technologies to conduct an exhaustive inspection of your home or property. What we do, we absolutely love.



  1. Our comprehensive inspection reports are typically emailed directly from site.

  2. We welcome our customers to go with the home inspector.

  3. Our inspectors won't editorialize - they simply point out the problems.

  4. Our reports are interactive, cutting edge, includes photos or video.

  5. You'll receive our exclusive "room-by-room" inspection report. Sample Inspection Report

Are you thrilled to be moving into a neighborhood that provides opportunities for fun for you and your family? Give us a call at 888-773-2711 to set up an appointment for a Santa Ana home inspection and ensure that your money is well spent. Your home will be inspected based on our observations! Our trained experts are going to conduct a thorough inspection of the prospective new residence. We are a professional company that can assist you with any and all of your home inspection requirements.

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