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Inspection Services

Rest assured, you will be well taken care of. The professional home inspectors at Building Specs are highly trained  with over 30 years of construction and inspection experience and 8,000 home inspections under our belt. We know how to detect and identify the warning signs that signal an existing problem, or conditions that may lead to future problems.


Home Buyer's Inspections

A home buyers Inspection is initiated by the home buyer usually as a contingency to the final close of a real estate sale. These types of home inspections are designed to minimize risk of potential surprises for the purchaser. Building specs offers home buyers with a detailed investigation for the home's primary major systems. A Home Buyer's Inspection includes: Grounds, Foundation, Structural, Crawlspace, Basement, Exterior Surfaces, Deck/Balconies, Garage, Safety Check List, Electrical Systems, Heating & Cooling Systems, Plumbing Systems, Roofing, Attic, Interior Rooms and Fireplaces.


Home Seller's Inspections

A Home Seller's Inspection is initiated by the property owner usually prior to listing the property for sale. It helps the seller to determine what systems and components of the property need repairs. More importantly, it helps the seller and the seller's agent to accurately represent the home by disclosing damage to prospective buyers (which further helps reduce lawsuits). Damage discovered as a result of a seller's inspection can either be repaired by the seller (to maintain market value) or used as a negotiating tool by both seller and buyer.


Pool and Spa Inspections

Pools and Spas can be dangerous. Let the experts at Building Specs ensure that the pool and spa mechanical and safety devises are operating properly by performing a Pool and Spa Inspection.  From Beverly Hills to San Diego, we have inspected some of Southern California's most elaborate pools. Rick Yerger, President of Building Specs, has his own pool as spa maintenance and safety videos that can be purchased online.


Maintenance Inspections

Maintenance inspections are performed usually once per year simply to ensure the integrity of a home's systems and structure. Because all things have a "planned obsolescence" period, maintenance inspections by Building Specs help to make the homeowner aware of immediate and upcoming needs for replacement and repairs that could save thousands  of dollars if discovered early one.


New Construction Inspections

Let the professionals at Building Specs perform your New Construction Inspection, quality control inspections for the home you're building or remodeling. As a third generation general building contractor with over 28 years of experience in home building and inspecting, we know how to find the problem areas. Combined with our years of classroom and field training for additional piece of mind knowing your construction project is in  good hands.

Red Roof

Aerial Roof Inspections

We prefer to walk on the roof surface to perform our roof inspection and generally do assuming it is safe to do so and doing so will not damage the roofing material. There are limitations; concrete, slate and clay tiles are easily broken and should not be accessed. Rain, wet and steep roofs are dangerous to access. With our state-of-the-art cameras, we are able to reach areas that would otherwise be unreachable.


Thermal Imaging

With the use of special cameras, thermal imaging allows us to see many conditions from an entirely separate perspective. Infrared technology paints a picture for our eyes they cannot see without the use of infrared cameras. Often, we are able to pinpoint significant locations of action because the camera discovers manipulated areas of the environment. For example, the insulation moved from the interior of the wall by a rodent creates a pocket of air that changes the temperature of the wall’s surface, thus creating a contrast in the color pallet of the camera’s photograph.

​By incorporating this technology into our home inspection services, a circumstance that may otherwise be baffling is made clearer and provides us the advantage when inspecting your new home.

Sink Pipe

Sewer Line Inspections

Because the property owner is financially responsible for any issues with the main sewer line, sewer inspections are crucial. If a sewer system has issues that cleaning alone won't fix, repairs may be pricey. The majority of main sewer lines are constructed of materials that degrade over time and are vulnerable to damage from earthquakes, tree roots, ground settling, and the dumping of caustic chemicals. During a sewer line examination, an estimated 88%–92% of residential properties are discovered to have an issue. Main sewer pipes in homes older than 50 to 60 years old have reached the end of their useful lives.

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