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Since 1998 We've Performed  Over 8000 Home Inspections

About Rick Yerger

Rick Yerger is a renowned home inspection authority who is specialized and trained in all aspects of residential construction. He’s extensively trained as a home inspector and has comprehensive knowledge of every phase of a home’s construction process, from foundation to plumbing.


As a licensed California State General Building Contractor, Rick focuses on maintaining his license as good standing and satisfying his clients from the first phone call to the last handshake. He earned his contractor license in 1990 and proudly serves the areas of San Diego County, Los Angeles County, and Orange County, California.


Certifications, Ongoing Education, & Upholding Quality Standards

Rick has set the bar high for Building Specs Home Inspection Service, and passionately dedicates his time to enhancing his skillsets. Rick has taken several courses by Construction Educators Inc. in Sarasota, Florida while also participating in ongoing meetings and seminars.


Even though Rick has clearly made it to the top of his field, he embraces learning new tricks of the trade to help his business grow stronger. He completes 30 hours of ongoing education per year for his California Real Estate Inspection Association membership, and an additional 20 hours per year for his American Society of Home Inspectors and the National Association of Home Inspections memberships.


Rick’s additional certification includes mold inspection under the Indoor Environmental Standards Organization. He was also the President of the California Real Estate Inspection Association, Orange County Chapter in 2012.

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Suburb Houses

National Advocate of Quality Home Inspections

Rick Yerger may be local to the Orange County area, but his services are known across the nation. Rick served as a host on HGTV’s House Detectives, where homebuyers purchased new homes without an inspection. In a typical episode, Rick helps homebuyers discover potentially hazardous issues, with advice and repairs that shortly follow.


In the end, the homebuyers are able to move safely into their new home without the worry of mold, fire hazards, or other typical trip-ups that appear during a standard home inspection.


He also served as a host on the DIY Network’s Finders Fixers.


Rick’s dedication to his homebuyer clients isn’t just an act for TV—he takes his time to thoroughly inspect every home with a fine-tooth comb, leaving no stone unturned. Client safety is his top priority, and Rick won’t settle for anything less than the highest standards of safety.


The Future of Building Specs Home Inspection Service

Rick Yerger continuously strives to improve and grow his company, and there are no signs of slowing down. Building Specs has performed hundreds of home inspections throughout the years, from the typical San Diego home to the multi-million dollar mansions of star athletes. Rick has proudly inspected the homes of famous authors, professional basketball players, and several well-known celebrities.


Although Rick’s track record is impressive, his goal is to provide all of his clients with star treatment in terms of home inspection. Whether you’re buying your second vacation home, or you’re a first-time homebuyer on a budget, you’ll never receive less than quality home inspection services under Rick’s watch.

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