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Costa Mesa Home Inspection

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Building Specs Home Inspection Services

We can accurately analyze the state of your homes current condition since we have the experience and expertise to do so. Each of our Costa Mesa home inspections is conducted with a trained eye thanks to the formal education and practical expertise we combine.

When would you recommend a home inspector be called? A home inspection should be scheduled when the purchase offer has been accepted. Protecting one of the most valuable investments is possible by hiring professional home inspectors. Home inspections are vital to the home-buying experience. After looking at many houses, we are happy that you have found the right home. Even though the outside appears in great condition, there's a high chance that something is hiding inside. A home inspection could help you save a lot of money down the road, no matter how old or new the house. It will be easy to understand the inspection report and make a decision. Building Specs Home Inspection Service is available for all your home inspection requirements.

Costa Mesa Home Inspection


It is extremely important that a home inspection be scheduled as soon as possible. As a result of a home inspection, significant issues that are discovered are remedied. The report is intended to not only identify defects, but also provide recommendations for fixes or enhancements. Therefore, it is essential that the inspection not be rushed or, worse, skipped. Home Inspections aid in avoiding future issues that could cause endless frustration. Building Specs Home Inspection Service offers a variety of inspections, including home, sewer, thermal imaging, and mold inspections. For many years, we have provided our services in Costa Mesa and the surrounding area. Our objective is to conduct a thorough inspection in order to provide you with a comprehensive report that will assist you in making an informed decision for you and your family. You will be educated with us. You will also have a thorough understanding of everything, you can rest assured. Your security is our top priority!


Building Specs Home Inspection Service, Your Costa Mesa Home Inspector Professionals


Rest assured that Building Specs Home Inspection Service takes home inspections seriously. We are a team of highly qualified home inspectors ready to assist you throughout the home inspection procedure. We will always do our best to address your concerns and questions. Building Specs undergoes numerous home inspection training courses to hone our skills, gain additional valuable knowledge, and maintain our position as industry leaders. This is one of the reasons why many individuals choose Building Specs over our rivals. We utilize cutting-edge technology and the appropriate resources to assist you. The Building Specs Inspections team is always prepared to complete tasks effectively and efficiently. The inspection team at Building Specs Home Inspection Service was trained and certified by InterNACHI, the leading association for home inspectors. We invest in cutting-edge technology to provide a comprehensive home/property inspection. We are genuinely enthusiastic about our work!


In order to provide a thorough and efficient home/property inspection, we continually invest in cutting-edge technology. These five (5) distinguishing characteristics set us apart from other home inspection companies:

  1. On-site home inspection reports are typed and emailed immediately.

  2. We advise our clients to accompany the house inspector.

  3. Our inspectors don't cause alarm; we only point out the issues.

  4. Our reports are interactive and include photographs or videos of our findings.

  5. Our exclusive “room-by-room” inspection report will detail all component inspected within the room.

       Sample Inspection Report

Excited to move to a place where you and your family can enjoy a variety of outdoor activities? Schedule a home inspection or contact us at 888-773-2711 to ensure the value of your investment. Imagine your home as we do! Permit our certified professionals to examine your prospective future residence! We are a full-service company prepared to assist you with all of your Costa Mesa home inspection requirements.


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