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We have the knowledge and experience to give you an accurate assessment of your current home. Each of our Garden Grove home inspections is based on real-world experience and formal education.

Garden Grove, home to nearly 172,000 people, is today the fifth-largest city in Orange County. You can drive through the city and see the many parks, vibrant businesses, established neighborhoods, new housing developments, and a beautiful cultural diversity that is still cohesive.

The annual Strawberry Festival is one of the city's most recognizable events. It was established in 1958. The Strawberry Festival, which is second only to the Rose Parade in western U.S.A., is the largest community-sponsored event. Star-studded parades are part of the festival, as well as the largest strawberry shortcake in the world. In 1964, Bobby Kennedy was the Grand Marshal of the event. The proceeds of the event go to Garden Grove charities.

Garden Grove has evolved to be a vibrant and thriving community with a strong sense for community and a rich history. Garden Grove's past was marked by a desire for improvement and a strong sense of community. These are the foundations for Garden Grove's future.

Building Specs Home Inspection Service is your Garden Grove Inspection Company

Do your research when looking for a home inspector. Rick Yerger and the team at Building Specs Home Inspection Service can help you make the right decision. We'll help you every step of your way. During inspections, we will point out potential problems and areas of concern. InterNACHI is the largest association of home inspectors in the world and our team includes highly qualified inspectors. Our home inspectors are equipped with the most modern technology in order to provide a thorough and efficient inspection. These four unique features are what set us apart among other home inspection firms:

1.    Home inspection reports can be typed and emailed right from the site.
2.   Clients are welcomed and encouraged to accompany the home inspector. 
3.   No judgment is rendered; we simply present the issues identified in our inspection.

4.   Our reports are interactive, state-of-the-art and include photos or video of our findings
5.    We include our unique state of the art "room-by-room" inspection report. Sample Inspection Report click here. 


Building Specs Home inspection Service is committed to serving our clients, whether you're buying or selling in Garden Grove. We offer a full service and are available to assist you with all your home inspection requirements. Call us at 888-773-2711 to schedule an inspection and get a complete home inspection.

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