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Aliso Viejo Home Inspection

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Building Specs Home Inspection Services

Our knowledge and experience will allow us to give you an accurate assessment of the condition of your Aliso Viejo property. Each home inspection is based on a combination of real-world experience and formal education.

Buying a new house can be really exciting, but it can also become confusing and stressful! In certain circumstances, you may believe you have located the ideal home for you and your family, but the home inspection report reveals otherwise. Professional house inspectors can assist you avoid making a mistaken purchase. Time and money can be saved by making the proper decision from the start! Building Specs Home Inspection Service offers several types of expert inspection services. We give you with a complete report that will assist you in making the proper choice. Additionally, we recommend the optimal solutions for your particular requirements. If you reside or plan to reside in Aliso Viejo or its neighboring areas, or if you plan to sell your Aliso Viejo property, contact Building Specs Home Inspection Service for all your home inspection needs.

Aliso Viejo Property Inspection


We have supplied our Aliso Viejo home/property inspection services to those in need for a number of years. We are a group of dependable, competent house inspectors. Yes! We provide inspection services for all realtors. Professional inspectors, such as Building Specs Home Inspection Service, will save you both time and money. We are always committed to the quality of our services! Ignoring detected faults will undoubtedly cost you time and money. Never make significant investments, such as the purchase of a property, until you are completely informed and cognizant of the current state. It would benefit you in the long term to be able to plan ahead by being aware of and taking into account crucial issues, as no home is ever in pristine shape.

Building Specs Home Inspection Service, Your Professional Home Inspector in Aliso Viejo.

Our task is not complete until all of your wants and questions have been met. Our objective is to guide and support you during the full inspection procedure. In every inspection service we give, we are qualified and certified. To remain the best at what we do and to be able to establish industry standards, we constantly seek to hone and develop our abilities. In addition, we participate in a variety of training programs to guarantee that we deliver the highest quality service at all times. We adhere to the industry's established norms and practices. In addition, we can assist you make an informed selection by uncovering information that is not visible on the surface. We utilize cutting-edge technology and the appropriate tools to assist you.


The crew at Building Specs Home Inspection Service is always prepared to complete a project efficiently and successfully. InterNACHI, the foremost association for home inspectors, trained and certified Building Specs Home Inspection Service inspection crew. In order to provide a comprehensive home/property inspection, we utilize cutting-edge technologies. Our devotion to our work is genuine!

In order to provide a comprehensive and effective home/property inspection, we invest consistently in cutting-edge technologies. These five (5) distinctive traits distinguish us from other home inspection businesses:

1.    Typed and emailed immediately from the site are home inspection reports.
2.   The purchasers are led through the property and given explanations of the inspection reports.
3.   Our focus is to draw attention to the issues found through our evaluation process, without passing             judgement.
4.   Our reports are interactive, state-of-the-art, and contain photographs or videos of our findings.

5.   You’ll receive our exclusive “room-by-room” home inspection report. Click here sample inspection report.

Are you eager to relocate to an area where you and your family may participate in a variety of outdoor activities? Call us at 888-773-2711 or schedule an Aliso Viejo home inspection to make your investment worthwhile. View your home through our eyes! Allow our authorized personnel to inspect your potential future house! We are a full-service company that can assist you with any home inspection needs.

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